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It’s hardly news that Linux users tend to enjoy computers. It follows that there are probably a number of Linux users who prefer to gamble on their computers. Unfortunately, the online gaming industry still targets Windows and MacOS users, to the exclusion of Ubuntu users. The standard casino software packages tend not to run on Linux machines. Below are sites offering in-browser play, effectively bypassing all compatibility issues.

There are a few solutions available to those who wish to play blackjack without uninstalling Ubuntu (or worse — reinstalling Windows). The good news is that it’s relatively easy to find blackjack games you can run on a Linux machine, provided you are willing to use workarounds. By playing in a browser or installing a Windows emulator, you can easily play blackjack on a Ubuntu machine at a number of high end online casinos.

1. Find a casino that offers “instant” or “browser” play.

With all the worry about spyware and malware, more and more casinos are offering instant play options to cater to players who do not wish to install casino software on their computers. This works to the advantage of the Linux community. While the downloaded software is incompatible with Ubuntu, most casinos offer software that will work just fine in a Ubuntu-run browser. Most casinos’ instant play offers more or less the same experience as the downloadable gambling program, and most of the amenities available in the downloaded version will still be available to instant play gamblers.

Some of the best casinos in the business offer instant play options. Win Palace is one of the premier online casinos and offers browser based blackjack. They are also one of the few casinos still accepting American players. Other American friendly casinos that offer instant play are Cherry Red and Rushmore Online. All three offer excellent bonuses and incentives to new players. While American gamblers may have trouble depositing at these casinos, international Linux users should also consider 7Red Casino and Poker770.

While there are always risks when gambling online, the instant software is still heavily protected, minimizing security risks. However, it is a good idea to research reviews of the casino before depositing any actual money.

2. Try using a Windows emulator.

There are some times when there is no getting around using Windows. Fortunately, you do not actually need to install the full program. Windows emulators (WinE) will allow you to run most casino software packages on your Linux machine. In addition, there are innumerable general Linux and Ubuntu specific forums that cover installing and running casino software through WinE.

While installing the emulator is a bit more work, it allows Linux users to access a far more diverse selection of online blackjack games. American Ubuntu users will want to check out Casino Titan and Rome Casino, while international gamblers can access Bet365, one of the oldest and best online casinos.
Although the online casino industry is not releasing or developing Linux-friendly software yet, these workarounds will allow gamblers to access to reputable casinos and exciting blackjack games. While it is slightly irritating to have to go through the extra hassle of downloading emulators and locating browser based games, the situation could be far worse — you could have to deal with Windows.

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