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So you’re ready to take the plunge and start gambling online – either poker, or one of the many other casino-style games available. But with all the casinos out there, how do you know which one to choose? One thing you’ll definitely want to consider is a casino’s reputation. Are they committed to good customer service and a good experience for players? How serious are they about issues like customer privacy and security, and a fair gaming experience that replicates a land-based casino as closely as possible? With so many casinos competing for your business, there is no reason to settle for second best. Here, we’ll tell you where to go.

Have you ever visited an online casino and wondered if it was for real? How about all of those email solicitations that offer tons of free money just for clicking on a link? Do online casinos really give big welcome bonuses and VIP rewards to everyday people like you and me?

Welcome to ReferrerCode.org, the web’s premiere investigation site for tracking down and exposing fraudulent online casinos. Our staff members have wondered those same types of questions for years now, but it wasn’t until recently that we came together and decided to find out the answers. This website is dedicated to testing out new and existing gambling portals throughout cyberspace so that all of us will not have to wonder if an online casino is legit or not. Below you’ll find our staff’s top recommendations when it comes to safe, legitimate online casinos that will always treat you like a valued customer.

If you’ve come across an online casino, sportsbook, or poker room that has you in doubt, feel free to browse our site to see if one of our team members have investigated it yet. If it’s not already posted here, then feel free to send us an email so that our staff can check it out on your behalf. We’ll send you back a full report on the gambling site (or post it for all of our readers) as quickly as possible.

Top Five Indications of a Fraudulent Online Casino

1) No Affiliations

Legit online casinos are affiliated with licensing organizations, software verification systems, major gaming networks, and several other businesses within the industry. This is by far the hardest thing for a fraudulent online casino to fake, so always keep an eye out for who they claim to be affiliated with.

2) Bad Contact Info

If someone is running a fraudulent casino on the internet, then the contact information will probably not be valid. Perform a quick Google search on the address and telephone number listed to see who it is registered to; if the info is invalid then so is the casino.

3) No Customer Service

Always pick up your telephone and call the online casino directly to verify if it is legitimate. Ask plenty of questions about the games offered, the payout schedule, and the gaming commission that they belong to. If they can’t answer basic stuff like that, they’re probably a fraud.

4) Vague Payout Information

If an online casino does not list their exact payout schedule in writing then it is a very bad move to place wagers with them. They may well be legit but that doesn’t do you any good if it takes three months to receiver a payout.

5) Awesome Odds

Seasoned gamblers can pretty much tell you what blackjack pays in a European casino or what double five’s pay on a hard bet in craps; knowing these odds is a very good strategy when spotting legit casinos. If the odds seem way off in one direction or the other, it will eventually lead to trouble.

While our staff always does their very best to update the website as we review new online casinos around the net, the strongest part of our research efforts comes from you…the readers. If you happen to see a suspicious gambling website or receive a bogus casino email, then we need you to forward it to us as quickly as possible so we can inform our other visitors. Even though the ReferrerCode.org staff is small, we have thousands of eyes throughout cyberspace thanks to all of you. Keep up the good work!

Our Top Picks for U.S. Players

If you’re a U.S. player, the first place you’ll want to head is Casino Titan. Committed to a secure and fair gaming experience, their software is run by RTG, an industry leader for over 10 years. You’ll get fast, stable play and a superior gaming experience.

Other recommended casinos include Win Palace, Rome Casino, Rushmore Online, Cherry Red and Slots Oasis. All of these casinos are powered by RTG software with the exception of Rome Casino, which runs on Top Game. Established in 2009, Win Palace is one of the newest online casinos, among the best of the new generation of gaming sites. Even though they’re new, they’ve already established themselves with a reputation for great customer service.

Rome Casino caters to power users who want a fast, responsive gaming experience. They have a high payout rate, and a reputation for quickly taking care of any potential issues. Rushmore Online and Cherry Red are also among the newer players. Rushmore Online’s claim to fame is its classic, upscale feel and generous bonuses, making it a popular destination.

Cherry Red offers generous bonuses with terms and conditions that actually allow a player to cash in on the offers – something that is not always the case with casinos who lure you in with amazing offers, only to pull the rug from you with terms that make it impossible to maximize your bonus. If you’re looking for quick customer response, a large selection of slots-style games and a truly worldwide player base, then your casino of choice will be Slots Oasis.

Top Picks for Non-U.S. Players

Non U.S. players have a few more options for play, and by far the best option is Bet365. They are one of the largest, oldest and most popular online casinos in the world, and are known for great customer support and fast payouts. In comparison, 7Red is one of the newer players on the market but has already established itself with good security and a high payout rate.

Betsson Casino is also a relative newcomer, but has established itself with its no-download games that rival regular software-based games with its quality graphics and smooth operation. Our final recommendation is Expekt Casino, founded in 2009. Generous bonuses and friendly customer service are its hallmarks.


The sky’s the limit for you when it comes to choosing a place to play online. There are many reputable casinos, each with something unique to offer players. Stick with one of our recommended picks and you can’t go wrong.

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