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Linux has been steadily gaining in popularity, especially after the release of the much detested Windows Visa OS.  However, while Linux solves many problems, it creates a few of its own.  As any online gambler knows, it can be difficult to use Ubuntu to play casino games.  The casinos tend to tailor their product very narrowly towards the mainstream computer users, who typically prefer Windows and Mac OS.  This means that the casino software often fails to install and launch properly.

There are a few ways around this issue.  The easiest way to play online casino games on a Linux machine is to find brands that offer browser based instant play.  If that does not suit your needs, try using a Windows emulator.  Either solution should allow you to install online gambling sites on a computer running Ubuntu.

1. Find casinos that support browser based play.

The main problems with running casino software on an Ubuntu machine arise from the download and installation.  The easiest way to get around this is to find a website that provides instant or Flash / Javascript based play instead of downloading new software. This is also arguably safer, as playing in a browser eliminates many concerns about casino spyware that might come packaged with the downloaded software.
A good, reputable online casino should offer browser based play. This will allow Ubuntu users to join the action without downloading incompatible software.  Even though you are not using the full installer, the casino’s protections and encryptions still apply.  You should, of course, make sure to update your anti-virus and anti-spyware software before playing, but the risk should be minimal.  

This is not to say that you should automatically trust the casino’s no-download option.  Before depositing any money, go online and look up reviews of the casino.  Search and find those specifically discussing the casino’s instant play quality.  Are players getting booted from games or dealing with extreme lag ?  How does the site respond to players who are lagging? If you know of other Linux users who gamble online, try asking for their opinions as well.

If you have a slow internet connection, browser based play may not be your best solution.  Low bandwidth or connectivity could decrease the speed of play or disconnect you from critical games.  If you are worried about your internet holding up while you gamble, try using a Windows emulator instead.

2. Download a Windows emulator.

While diehard fans will always argue that Linux is the superior OS, there are times when Windows just works better.  Fortunately, you do not actually need to purchase a copy — a Windows emulator (WinE) will do.  An emulator is code that simulates another program.  This means that you can use the emulator to download, open, and run casino software.  Even though you are still using Ubuntu to run the casino program, the WinE will provide the extra software compatibility that will allow the gambling software to work.

While Linux in general and Ubuntu specifically may be the operating systems of choice for diehard freeware fans, most online casinos won’t release Linux compatible software anytime soon.  In the meantime, these workarounds should keep you in the game.  If you do reach a point where neither option works for you, you can always re-install Windows. (Just kidding.)

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