Expekt Poker Deposit Bonus Code & Referrer / Referral Code =”EXPMONEY”

Use the Bonus Code “EXPMONEY” to benefit from the highest possible bonus at Expekt (visit www.Expekt.com). This code is valid all of 2012. The bonus is 200% for up to $2000 at the poker room.

There are a lot of online poker rooms out there that try to fool consumers with fancy advertising and shallow promises, but in reality there is only one place where you should even consider making a deposit and playing for real money. Expekt Poker has dominated the European market in every conceivable way possible since their launch in 1999. Those same ideals that made them such a success back then are the reason millions of players consider them the number one poker room in the world today. Here are the top seven reasons you should grab our exclusive Expekt Poker Referrer Code and register for an account at this fantastic poker casino-

1) World Class Security

Expekt Poker is known throughout the web for its world-class security software that keeps players fully protected the entire time that they are logged into the Expekt server. Sadly though, even with state-of-the-art technology and the best encryption money can buy, websites can still fall venerable to talented cyber criminals if they are not actively monitoring their system. That’s why Expekt Poker has over 210 full time employees that monitor the casino and every hand played twenty-four hours per day; they take your protection seriously.

2) Low Overall Rakes

Most of the online poker rooms out there take a set percentage from every single hand, meaning that the fees associated with winning can often get extremely expensive. At Expekt Poker, the rakes are a much lower percentage (sometimes as low as 2%) and there is a hard cap in place for each level of betting. For example, at a competitor’s website you’d have to give up $250 in fees if you won a $5,000 pot at a no limit table. At Expekt Poker, the casino would take $5 on the exact same pot.

3) Quick Payouts

Of course, what’s the use in winning if you do not have quick access to your money? Expekt Poker has multiple withdrawal methods that can have your winnings inside your bank account in mere minutes. There are no hidden withdrawal fees like the other online poker rooms charge and there are definitely not any rules about how many times you have to bet in order to cash out. The best news is that there are absolutely no restrictions on how often you withdraw money or where you choose to have it sent. At Expekt Poker, you’re the one in charge of your winnings…not the casino.

4) Great Poker Variety

Expekt Casino offers both table stakes games and tournaments for poker games like Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Stud, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo. Each of these tables can accommodate two to nine players with various betting levels and rules sets, so there really is a perfect poker game at Expekt Casino for everyone.

The tournament play at Expekt Casino is also among the most competitive you’ll find on the internet. You can play for huge cash payouts, professional tournament entries, or thousands of other bonuses and prizes In fact; playing in Expekt’s poker tournaments is absolutely the best way to elevate your current game.

5) Outstanding Loyalty Incentives

Most online poker rooms have numerous programs that look good on paper, but once you sit down and read the fine print you’ll see that their requirements are almost impossible to meet. Expekt Casino realizes that everyday people probably will not be online placing wagers six to ten hours per day, but that doesn’t mean that they do not value their business just the same. That’s why their loyalty program is designed to reward their players immediately with special incentives that you won’t find anywhere else. The Expekt Referrer Code is a prime example of these incentives.

6) The Players Choice

Perhaps the best reason to play poker at Expekt Casino is because it is the favorite gaming website of players from all over Europe. There are over 1.5 million satisfied customers that call Expekt Casino home, and that number is steadily growing each and every day. Forget about all the other reviews you’ve seen and go to the casino that has the highest ratings from the only group that matters; everyday players just like you and me.

7) Expekt Poker Referrer Code

For a limited time, visitors to this website can use the promotional code “EXPMONEY” to receive a 200% bonus on their first deposit at the Expekt Poker Room. This incentive is good for up to $2000 and you won’t find any of those silly restrictions that other websites have in place. Always remember that at Expekt Poker Casino, you’re the one that makes the rules.

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