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There have been several questions posted throughout forums and blogs in cyberspace lately regarding online casinos and how their deposit bonuses work. The answers that we have seen coming back on these topics have varied greatly in terms of explaining how a bonus code works or why players should obtain them, so we thought it would be a good idea to revisit these topics so that players will not be mislead. Here are some of the top questions we have seen lately as well as the answers that other websites do not want you to know and why you should be using a www.Expekt.com Bonus Code for your next deposit.

What is a bonus code?

The short answer is that a bonus code is used by casinos to give players extra money to wager with once they make a deposit. It is entered on the deposit screen and it entitles each player a certain amount of free money for using that casino’s services. This can be a set amount (like €10 free for new users) or it can be based on a percentage of your overall deposit.

Do all gambling websites use bonus codes?

Yes. Sharing a bonus code is a marketing strategy that allows a casino to reach new customers quickly through emails or 3rd party websites, and in most cases it costs them absolutely nothing to make the free money offer.

Wait…if they’re giving me money, how it is free to them?

The truth is in the actual fine print on each casino website. For example, we visited one online casino yesterday that offered a 150% deposit bonus for any new customer. That means in theory that if you deposited €20, the casino would give you the equivalent of €50 in casino chips. After reading the restrictions along the bottom of the webpage, however, it turns out that a player would have to place thousands of individual bets before that bonus code money could be used to wager.

Other websites will offer free money with no deposit required at all, but the same restrictions normally apply. Even if the player turned a free €5 into thousands, they would not be allowed to withdraw the money until they met a number of stipulations that are usually very hard to meet.

For example, another website advertised in fine print that any winnings would have to be bet 150 times before it could be withdrawn. Now remember, your odds of winning once are just a hair under 50/50 for most casino games. What do you think the odds are of you winning 150 times? To make matters worse, even if you went on a huge winning streak, the casino would require you to bet each additional amount won another 150 times.

So a bonus code is basically a scam?

That’s really a tough question to answer without running into legal problems. There are many websites out there where the player has less than a 1% chance of ever seeing their bonus money turn into real money, but at the same time that policy is also clearly stated on their website. There are also several casino websites around the net that are completely bogus, and these criminals will often make ridiculous offers to lure in victims. If we were to name the actual European casinos with horrible bonuses that trick their players into making deposits, then we’d end up getting sued.

On the other side of the coin, there are many legitimate online casinos floating around in cyberspace that have bonus codes that present fair offers. While the player will still have to make a certain number of wagers for the bonus money to turn into real cash, it is usually possible for them to complete this requirement after playing for a few days.

How do I tell a legitimate bonus code from a fake one?

There are several methods to make sure that a casino is legitimate, and these are the types of places that normally have the fairer bonus codes for deposits. Start off by verifying that the online casino is regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or some other governing body. These institutions verify the casino’s legitimacy, authenticate their security protocols, and monitor the overall payouts to ensure that it is fair.

After verifying that the website is governed by a fair commission, take your time reading the fine print to make sure that the bonus code is something that would benefit you. Specifically, find out how many wagers need to be placed before any bonus money is released to the player and any other conditions that would prevent you from obtaining that money.

Is there an online casino that you recommend for fair bonus codes?

For European players, by far the best bonus and incentive program can be found at Expekt Casino. The www.Expekt.com Bonus Code that we recommend using is “EXPMONEY” because it grants poker players a 200% bonus to $2000 that you deposit through their website. The average player will be able to qualify for this entire bonus after their first few days of play, and this is one of the only online casinos around that will allow you to withdraw bonus money once it becomes available. Never forget to use our expekt referrer code to earn the largest possible bonus.

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