Online Slots That Accept eChecks

e Checks are an increasingly popular method of paying online.  While the process takes a bit longer than depositing via credit card, Instant eChecks are far more secure than sending a direct bank wire or an actual check. They also provide an additional layer of protection against identity theft, and as such are an ideal way to arrange casino deposits.

What is an eCheck?

An eCheck is the electronic version of a traditional, paper check.  Like a regular check, the eCheck is a direct withdrawal from your checking account.  When you write an Instant eCheck through PayPal or your eCheck service of choice, the operation is processed by your bank and the funds are transferred to the casino’s account.  This takes longer than depositing by credit card, as both your bank and the casino’s bank must verify the transfer.

What is the Benefit of Using an eCheck?

eChecks strike a balance between safety and convenience.  It is the perfect deposit option for gamblers who are not willing to accept the risk or temptation of a credit card but do not want to expose their actual bank account information.  You can pay for items or online services just like with a regular credit card, but you draw directly from your bank account, which simplifies the billing process.

To get started with your eCheck deposit, go to PayPal or any Electronic Cheque powered casino.  PayPal, or the service of your choice will act as a filter, ensuring the encryption of your personal information.  Even if a hacker did get into the casino accounts, he would only see the check transfer number issued by the eCheck service, which is meaningless.

Finding Online Slots Casinos That Accept eChecks

It is extremely rare to find a reputable online casino that accepts eChecks for the first deposit.  Most online casinos require the gambler to make a first time deposit through a different means of payment, such as a credit or debit card.  However, once a gambler has attained the status of an “established” client, the casino will happily accept eChecks.

In order to gain “established client” status, most online websites require at least an initial deposit.  Some casinos will also require a certain time period to elapse before players may deposit using eCheck.  Even once the operator has accepted the gambler as an established client, it will usually take at least a day or two for the eCheck to clear and deposit into the casino’s account. These precautions are necessary because eChecks work like regular checks and do not withdraw money until “cashed” by the recipient.  This means that eChecks can bounce.

Recommended Online Slots Casinos That Accept eChecks

Four highly reputable sites that accept eChecks are Casino Titan, WinPalace, Cherry Red and Slots Oasis.  All four require the player to use another means of payment for the first deposit, but accept eChecks after that.  All four casinos also accept American gamblers.

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