Online Slots That Take Prepaid Credit Card

Any brick and mortar casino will offer slots.  Next to blackjack, slots are the most popular and best known casino game.  It makes perfect sense for a reputable gaming brand to offer a wide variety of slot machines.  After all, online casinos have none of the space constraints that limit the selection of slots games in a brick and mortar casino. Software also eliminates the lines and crowds gamblers often have to battle through in order to get to their favorite machines. Along with a better and more streamlined slots experience, online gaming operators offer a wide array of safe payment options. While it is possible to arrange to deposit into a player’s account through direct bank transfers or eChecks, the most popular methods of deposit for online slots are credit, debit, and prepaid gift cards.


Credit Card Online Slots

Credit cards are the most popular method for purchasing things online.  They are convenient, versatile, and do not need to link to an account. While the topic of hackers and identity theft has gotten a lot of popularity of late, it is quite safe to pay with a credit card.  Real money poker sites and casinos use heavy encrypting and top notch security measures to prevent hacking.  This makes sense, as nobody would play at a casino that suffered frequent security breaches. Even if a hacker did acquire your card number, credit card companies all have dispute resolution services and fraud teams.  These fraud teams could help you recover your money.

Slot Machines Taking Debit Card

Most bank-issued debit cards are affiliated with credit cards.  To check if your card is affiliated with a major company, look at the front of the card.  If you see a credit card logo, your card is linked to that company and can be used at almost any business that accepts the credit card. However, online gaming is often an exception to this rule.  Debit cards are policed by banks, which tend to be far more conscientious and careful about not allowing gamblers to deposit at online casinos.  Debit cards do sometimes work, but it can be hit or miss.

Prepaid Gift Cards

Prepaid gift cards are gaining in popularity.  like debit cards, prepaid gift cards can only access a finite amount of money.  This makes this deposit option very useful for gamblers who wish to control and limit their spending.  The cards are also extremely secure.  Even if a hacker did manage to get the gift card’s number, he could not use the gift card to access any of your other accounts.  The gift card is an isolated, one time card, which makes it very secure.

International Visa Gift Cards are gaining popularity due to the American FBI’s raid on internet gambling.  Since the FBI is cracking down on financial institutions that allow Americans to deposit at online casinos, many banks and credit cards no longer allow Americans to deposit. American gamblers can get around this law by using prepaid international gift cards.  It is worth looking up the rules for the specific card you plan to purchase; some European prepaid gift cards do not work for online gambling.

Recommended Casinos for Credit Card Online Slots

Winpalace and Casino Titan are two of the best casinos for credit card online slots.  Both accept a variety of credit and debit cards.

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