Most Trusted Online Casino Sites 2017

Below are the best trusted online casinos for the year of 2012. All of these brands are legitimate, regulated, and certified, ensuring the safety of their games.

If this is your first time visiting then we would like to officially welcome you to our website. Your presence here probably means that you’ve been taken advantage of by one of the unscrupulous online casinos out there in cyberspace, and we are more than pleased to inform you that that type of mistake certainly does not have to be repeated now that you’re with us. Our journalists know the world of online gaming like the back of their hand and they can spot a bogus casino in seconds…and after a few visits to our website, you will be able to as well.

Our motto at is that we are teaching online gamblers to avoid potentially dangerous gaming experiences one article at a time. That’s why our little website here is so packed full of information; we want to teach you to be a smart, responsible gambler that understands how online casinos work. While you can always trust any of the casino links contained within our pages, we feel that it is even more important to teach our readers why we promote certain gaming destinations, how we decided that they are trustworthy, and when the best time is to make your first deposit.

The Four Trusted Rules of Online Casino Gambling

1) Never click on a casino link that you received in an email. We do not care if it came from your best friend’s email address, a well-known website that everyone uses, or even from the Pope himself….email links can be very deceiving. Even though the text may say that you are headed to a trusted website, more often than not you’ll end up at a “spoof” casino that is put in cyberspace to steal your personal information.

2) When it comes to deposit bonuses, smaller is usually better. Now we know what you’re thinking; how could a 100% match bonus be better than a 300% offer? The answer is simple enough; that 300% bonus comes with so many terms and conditions that you’ll probably never see a single withdrawal from that online casino…and that’s including your original cash deposit.

3) Know your local laws when it comes to online casinos. Some websites will advertise that they take players from anywhere in the world and they know full-well that it’s illegal for you to be placing online wagers. They do this because their headquarters is usually in another country so if you get in trouble with local law enforcement, nothing will happen to them. Trusted casinos usually check first to make sure that you’re okay legally; which is a big part of choosing the websites that we recommend.

4) Pick an online casino based on customer service. Other casino websites talk about flashy graphics, cool promotions, awesome giveaways, and all kinds of other perks, but none of them are worth a thing if the online casino does not process your payments quickly and treat you with respect. Great customer service is very hard to find in this industry, which is why we recommend the above trusted online casinos.

At, we really could care less if you are looking to gamble online with friends every now and then or if you’re a professional that wagers thousands of dollars per day. Our website is designed to protect all types of gamblers from falling for classic internet scams that are so common within this industry, which is why our staff spends so much time searching the web, reading gaming blogs, contacting online casinos, and doing everything they can to ensure that our readers only choose trusted casino websites.

Only the most trusted brands in the world make it onto our homepage for you to enjoy, so click any of the above links to experience a whole new world of online gaming. You can always bet with confidence that our selected casinos have been put through a battery of tests to ensure that it has your best interests are always at heart; that’s the way. If you need any additional help navigating our website or need more information about a certain online casino, be sure to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Choosing sites of Trust

Any organization you trust with your money needs to merit that trust. Online casinos are no different. After all, you are giving the casino your time, money, and business. You should choose a reputable casino that works to protect your interests, both against identity theft and against unfair disputes with the casino itself. There are several factors that make a casino honest.

1. Casinos should have licenses and gaming group affiliations.

Trustworthy casinos tend to be affiliated with a gambling commission or gambling authority. This means that the casino is bound by the rules of a regulatory body, such as the government of the country or a Native American tribal gambling council. If the casino is affiliated with a gaming authority or commission, you should see a logo or a notice to that effect at the bottom of the casino’s home page.

This is important because having a higher authority to answer to keeps the casino honest. If a casino consistently defrauds clients, the casino cannot remain within its gambling group or authority. Conversely, if you see a casino that does not have an advertised gambling authority, that is a good tip that the casino may not be completely on the level.

Example: is one of the overall best casinos in the business. The wide variety of gambling accounts for part of this. After all, where else can you play poker, play slots, and place bets on professional dart throwing without leaving a single casino site? However, the other big draw is the site’s reputation as a solid, honest casino.
One of the major factors that forged’s reputation is their licenses and affiliations with established gambling regulatory groups. publishes their local and overarching gambling commission information on their homepage and company information page. The casino is answerable to both the UK Gambling Commission and the Government of Gibraltar.
In addition, has voluntarily signed up with the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS), a third party group that works to resolve disputed bets. Since IBAS is independent of the casinos, they act as a neutral third party that can assist in figuring out what happened with bad bets. In order to maintain standing with the IBAS, participating casinos must abide by their decisions. This means that even if IBAS sides with the gambler rather than the casino, will honor the decision.

The IBAS offers an excellent extra layer of protection for the player. While casinos do not need to affiliate themselves with a third party mediator such as IBAS in order to be honest, it is a good sign that the casino is willing to take that extra step.

2. Casinos should offer a variety of safe ways to pay.

Namely, casinos should offer a number of payment methods that have dispute resolution services, such as credit cards and the major eWallets. This way, if the casino does steal your card number or make fraudulent charges, you can use the card or eWallet dispute resolution team to help sort things out and get your money back.

Expekt offers 22 secure methods of payment, including a diverse selection of credit cards, debit cards and eWallets that will cater to both American and international gamblers. Since these methods all either mask your credit card number from the casino or allow you to contest incorrect charges, this is a safe way to deposit money. They also offer their expekt referrer code which entitles you to a massive first time deposit bonus.

3. Casinos should offer excellent customer service.

This is a no-brainer. If a casino is upfront with its customers and is working to serve the gambling community that plays there, they should offer help when something goes wrong. This means that you can actually get in touch with reps in a timely fashion. You should see a phone number — preferably a toll free — or a live chat option listed for the customer service department. We all know that sending an email or filling out a contact form is a great way to waste several days waiting for someone to respond, so look for something that gets you in touch with a real person immediately.

In addition to allowing Americans and hosting poker, blackjack and slots, Casino Titan has excellent customer service. There are three separate phone lines to cater to different geographical regions, a live chat function, an email (if you are not in a rush), and 24 hour customer support, 365 days a year.

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