Online Blackjack Safe And Fair ?

Online gamblers are always advised to play at “safe” or “reputable” casinos. Despite how often the words are used, there are remarkably few solid guidelines on what constitutes a reputable, honest, or safe online blackjack brand. As with most aspects of choosing an ideal online blackjack website, safety is a personal call. Some gamblers are comfortable entrusting their money to sites with fewer protections; other gamblers refuse to deposit unless the operator meets all of the gambler’s high standards.

Our goal at is to keep cyberspace clear of fraudulent activity when it comes to online casinos and poker rooms so you will not have to worry about hackers and scam artists.

Of course, there are thousands of “legitimate” online casinos for players to choose from, but just because a gaming domain is licensed does not mean that you should be playing there. Some gaming brands have built-in house edges that can reach 50% in some situations; to us that seems like little more than legalized crime at best. Our website also sorts through all of the valid destinations around the net to ensure that you’re always playing at safe, honest gaming sites with fair odds and fast payouts.

Take an Inside Look at Online Gaming

While exact numbers are hard to come by in this type of industry, financial analysts predict that the entire world of online gaming produces as much as $15 billion a year in global revenue. It is currently the largest, most profitable service-based industry in cyberspace, so naturally that brings a whole lot of attention from less scrupulous people.

Here’s another online gambling statistic for you that’s hard to ignore- over 1,000 fake gambling websites are created each and every week. That’s over four thousand websites per month that advertise fake promotions, bogus content banners, and other types of solicitations designed to steal your personal information. Once a criminal gets his hands on it, the sky’s the limit on ways that they can steal under your name.

We haven’t even mentioned the hundreds of online brands that have horrible payouts, no customer service, or horrible security, so you can see why our staff is so incredibly busy these days. Between reporting bogus websites, contacting gaming authorities, and actually patrolling the internet, our staff is on the go 24/7 to keep you safe at legitimate online casinos, sports books, and poker rooms.

As most of you already know, the websites that we recommend have been physically tested by multiple staff members to ensure that they have great overall odds and industry-leading security to keep you safe. Once we find these types of gaming websites, our staff will enroll in their affiliate program so that they pay us every time you click on one of the above links. That money is used to fund this website, our net detectives that track down fraudulent domains, and the rest of our staff that writes tutorials and advice columns for you.

We only pointed this out so that you’ll have an idea how the Internet really works; there are thousands of websites out there who post casino affiliate links for you to click on. The only difference between us and them is that our staff is actually taking an active stance on shutting down bogus casinos and gambling web pages, but we can’t do our jobs very well if we do not have revenue coming in.

Although will never ask our readers for any type of donations or subscription fees, we would sure appreciate if you create your gambling accounts by clicking through the above links. You’re not only making the Internet a safer place by doing so, but you’re also helping out others who have your best interests at heart when it comes to online gambling. Please tell your friends about us as well; every penny helps in the fight against scam artists, cyber-criminals, and corrupt online casinos!

The decision of whether or not a real money blackjack site is worth the risk is based on a mix of factors. When evaluating a casino’s security, consider the following questions.

1. What payment methods can I use?

This is the most obvious safety concern. After all, this is the step where you give up some of your money, based on the promise that if you win, you will get money back. That is a lot of trust to place in an online gaming service.

Look for a casino that accepts a variety of payment types you are familiar with and trust. This means you should see familiar, big name credit card companies and eWallets. Even if these are not companies you use, it is a good sign to see them represented; big credit cards and online payment sites would not affiliate themselves with a brand that frequently caused trouble through disputed claims or fraud.
Another great thing about credit cards and the major eWallets is that if anything goes wrong, you can dispute the charges. American players should note that they may not be able to take full advantage of this protection due to the UIGEA. A credit card or eWallet company will be unlikely to publicize that the company allowed a gambling transaction to go through.

2. What software does the casino use?

Most of the online gambling industry does not write their own gambling software. Instead, they pick a program from among a small set of service providers. Safe online blackjack sites will tailor the software to suit their own needs, inputting house rules and game varieties, but the encryption and links to the main site will all be programmed by the third party programmers.

If you see the logos of industry-standard gambling programs, such as RealTime Gaming, you can rest assured that the site is using secure software. Since the program was developed by a large and experienced programming company that stakes their reputation on the software’s security, it is very unlikely that anything will go wrong.

3. What gambling authority governs the casino?

Safe blackjack service providers will declare their jurisdiction, or the gambling authority to which the site must answer. Usually, you can find this information at the very bottom of the home or banking pages. You are looking for either a logo, such as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, or a statement (“Licensed by the Government of X” or “Licensed by the Gambling Commission of X”).

While some gamblers argue that certain gambling authorities are more “player friendly” than others, any gambling association wishes to receive positive press and the money that accompanies a good reputation. This means that a gambling commission will not tolerate casinos that defraud or scam gamblers. As such, if you run across an online blackjack site that does not declare a gambling authority affiliation, be very cautious. It is possible that the site had an affiliation and lost it.

4. What does the community say?

Run an internet search for your casino site and “reviews.” Expect to find one or two bad reviews from disgruntled players, but look for a legit online blackjack site with overall positive feedback. If you participate in any online forums, see what casinos the other gamblers recommend. If you have friends who have had positive online blackjack experiences, look into those casinos as well.

If you are worried or unsure about a blackjack site, you can always contact the casino and ask about player security. Most gaming brands have live agents who can point you to the correct section of the website. However, do not put your money into any online destination that triggers a bad gut reaction. You are looking to gamble, but you shouldn’t have to bet on the security of your money.

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