Why We Think Holdem is the Best Card Game in the World

For most players, the value of a card game is not in how difficult it is to play or how much concentration it requires, but how much they can make and how often games are filled with inexperienced, new players.

Under this criteria, Holdem is the greatest poker game in the world. Since Holdem is the most widely played game, and most new players start out playing Holdem, even an average player can always find a game with weaker players. This means the opportunity to make money is always available online, in a home game, or at a nerby casino. Games that are less popular, like stud, often have to be played at a large casino, since smaller casinos rarely even spread them.

Players who like lots of action in their poker game, a game like Omaha may better suit their tastes. Omaha is recently becoming a popular way to play since large pots often result in all-in decisions and coin flips for stacks of chips. This leads to chip leaders with stacks far exceeding the maximum buyin, sometimes ten times larger than what they started with. This extremely deep play leads to even further looseness in Omaha, resulting in a more aggressive game yet.

However, for purely academic poker players, those interested in sharpening their mind, or playing the hardest games available, Holdem likely takes a back seat to games like 2-7 Triple Draw, where reading opponents and playing well is impacted less by the luck of the draw.

Holdem is often the best game for players who hope to make a living playing poker, since games with weak players are commonly spread, but players who are playing for entertainment or a challenge might enjoy the game more if they look into some lesser-played games, which can often be found only online.

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