Laser Card for Online Gambling Payments

Given the current atmosphere of tension between online casinos and major credit card companies, it is not surprising that many gamblers are looking for better alternatives. Making a deposit into an online casino is often a frustrating and time consuming process, filled with bounces and much checking and re-checking of rules. Some gamblers also prefer not to use a credit card, due to the financial risk or the temptation to overspend. Fortunately, there are alternatives to the usual array of credit cards. Bet365 has by far the best acceptance of Irish Laser Cards in 2012.

Debit cards, such as the Laser card, allow gamblers to deposit money into their online betting accounts, just as if the gambler was using a credit card. Unlike credit cards, the player must first put money on the Laser card. This extra step ensures that, even in the highly unlikely event that the online casino suffered a security breach and lost the player’s debit card number, the player could not lose more than the amount loaded onto the Laser card.

The Laser card also helps players track or curb online spending. For players who wish to keep meticulous records of their wins and losses over time, setting up a Laser card used only for online gambling allows the player to use bank statements to calculate overall wins and losses. For players who wish to limit or control their spending, a Laser debit card is perfect; the player simply loads their monthly gaming allowance onto the card and uses only that card when making deposits at online casinos. Since the card is a debit card, the player cannot draw more money than s/he has already deposited, making it impossible to go over budget.

The Laser brand is only available through a select number of Irish banks. These banks are the Allied Bank of Ireland, EBS, Bank of Ireland, National Irish Bank, Ulster Bank, and PermanentTSB. If the gambler does not have an account at one of these banks, but is still interested in getting a Laser card, it may be worth establishing a small account solely to facilitate access to a Laser card., one of the better and more reputable online gambling sites, accepts Laser. If you gamble at enough, that may warrant getting a Laser card. However, Laser offer the option to get a card that is cobranded with the Maestro logo, meaning that it operates anywhere Maestro is accepted. This will broaden your online gambling deposit options considerably, as most online casinos catering to the European community accept Maestro.

Getting a Laser card cobranded with Maestro offer another major benefit. Should the gambler run into trouble with fraudulent charges or issues with a casino losing his or her information, the gambler will be able to use both Laser’s dispute resolution services and Maestro’s resolution services. While Laser is a fairly small and localized company, they do command respect among the Irish gambling communities. Maestro and MasterCard, however, are powerhouses. Casinos will usually attempt to facilitate a quick and mutually agreeable end to conflicts rather than risk annoying a major credit card company.

Irish players and gamblers with access to Irish banks should consider the Laser card as an alternative means to deposit funds at online casinos. Rather than traditional credit cards, Laser allows the gambler extra peace of mind by providing him or her with an extra buffer against overspending or identity theft while depositing in online casinos. Laser is accepted at, which is one of the safest and best casinos on the internet. Getting a Laser card affiliated with the Maestro credit syndicate means that almost any online casino will accept deposits made with the Laser card. The Laser card is one of the best options for Irish players looking to deposit funds in an online casino.

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