Expekt Withdrawal Options

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It seems like the first question gamblers have when they think about online gambling is pretty much the same everywhere in the world. People overwhelmingly want to know how they can collect their winnings and how long it can take, and at many online casinos it’s really tough to get a straight answer on that. This article will discuss the various payout options at Expekt Casino so that players will be better informed about their options.

Why Withdrawals are so Complicated at Legitimate Casinos

To truly understand how online casinos pay out their customers, the first place to look is at the various governments around the world. Some of them encourage online gambling while others strictly forbid it, and in each geographical area the banks are forced to honor whatever the legal system tells them.

For example, in many areas online gambling is perfectly legal, but there are also laws in place that forbid any financial institution within that territory to transfer money to or from a casino. So here you are, the customer, wanting to spend a little bit of money on the chance to win big. In order to be able to do that though, in many cases it requires that your money has to circle the globe two or three times before it can successfully pass from your hands to the casino. Once it is time for you to collect your winnings, the issue becomes even more complicated if you live inside an area with banking restrictions.

Of course, that’s assuming that you’re at a legitimate casino like Expekt in the first place. They have hundreds of staff members available so that there’s always someone present that can work with financial institutions around the globe whenever a withdrawal request is made. Casinos with lesser reputations will simply handle a withdraw request whenever they get around to it…if they ever bother to send the player his money at all.

Expekt Withdrawal Options

There are several different methods to withdraw money from Expekt Casino, and the best option will mainly depend on legal restrictions within your area. A few of the methods work well anywhere though, so we will discuss each of them in detail.

Visa Credit/Debit Cards

In many regions, the easiest way to withdraw money from Expekt casino is through a credit or debit card that has the Visa logo. The transaction can take place almost instantly and it will post to your credit card statement within a few days. From there, you’re free to leave it in the account or withdraw it from the financial institution…that’s completely up to you.

The problem with this type of withdrawal method is obvious; why would you want money to go to your credit card? Well, many consumers use this method of
payment/withdrawal to build up their reward points by transferring the maximum amount to Expekt Casino for the huge deposit bonus, betting only a small portion of it, and then transferring the money back to the creditor before any interest is accrued. This method is repeated over and over again with little downside; if the player wins money then he comes out ahead. If he happens to lose, then the bonus money that builds up over time makes up for the difference.

If you do not have a credit card available, then a pre-paid debit/credit card is another excellent option. These cards do not have any limits and they basically serve as a virtual banking account that allows you to move money anywhere, plus it helps build credit so that you can eventually obtain a no-deposit credit card.

Bank Transfer

For those living inside areas that do not have banking restrictions in place, a bank transfer may be the best option for a number of reasons. Not only does the money arrive in your checking account quickly and without any fees involved, but it also does not have to be moved an additional time in order for you to have unrestricted access to it.

If your region does have a law blocking bank transfers from online casinos, there is still a possibility that Expekt can complete the transaction for you. The money transferred to your account is sent discreetly with nothing to indicate that it came from a gambling establishment, so in most cases the banks will not know the difference.

Transfer via eWallet

An eWallet is nothing more than an online money handling website that allows customers to send money back and forth through cyberspace. Since they are not technically considered a financial institution, most of them can send money electronically without running into any problems with regional laws. Another plus is that once Expekt sends money to one of these destinations, the funds arrive almost instantly into your account. From there, you’re free to move the money wherever you want (a bank account, a credit card, etc) and it will be there in mere seconds. Expekt deals with three eWallet companies-

– NetTeller

– MoneyBookers

– WebMoney

To use any of these eWallet services, simply visit their website and sign up to create an account. Be sure to write down your new account number, and then visit the Expekt Casino to pass the information along. Once the service is set up, you can make deposits or withdrawals in less than a minute.

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