Using Expekt on Linux /Ubuntu

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Linux users may feel like they were unintentionally skipped over when Expekt Casino launched their newest poker client recently, but there are a number of options that players can turn to in order to bypass these limitations. This article will focus on Linux users that want to play Expekt Poker or any of their other popular casino games and sports betting services on Ubuntu.

A Quick Linux Overview

Many people have recently decided to take a break from Apple and Windows to experience the world’s first completely free, open source operating system known as Linux. Over the years there have been a number of different versions like Ubuntu and Red Hat, and each of them have been available to consumers to download and use any way that they see fit. The problem with the various Linux operating systems is that most developers do not create their programs with Linux users in mind and in many cases these customers will have a number of limitations on what software to use.

On the bright side, there are millions of Linux users out there and many of them have created programs that are very similar to what you’d find on Windows or Macintosh. These software choices are almost always available to download completely free of charge and without any restrictions on how many systems they can be installed on.

Another big feature of Linux is that many feel like it is the most secure operating system on the market in terms of security, simply because most businesses are using either Windows or Mac. Cyber-hackers design viruses and backdoors to work mainly through Internet Explorer and to infect Windows.

Using Linux with Windows Programs

There’s one word that every Linux user should learn quickly- emulator. Programs like Wine and CodeWeaver can essentially trick Windows programs into thinking that the Linux machine is running genuine Windows software, and in the case of Expekt Casino this will be your easiest way to continue gambling. Emulators can allow the user to use Expekt Casino and Expekt Poker automatically, plus thousands of other software titles that are made for Windows or Mac.

Linux on the Web

When it comes to Internet Browsers for Linux, consumers have a wide variety of choices. Even though Internet Explorer will not work with Ubuntu, most experts will tell you that IE is actually the most dangerous way to surf the web anyway. Instead, try out Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera…all of them work seamlessly with any Linux operating system.

When it comes to gaming, you can access the Expekt live dealer casino, the sportsbook, or bingo through any of the above named browsers.

Other Ways to Make Linux Compatible

There are also a few other viable options for Linux users when they are trying to access Expekt Casino or any other type of Windows software. Each of these methods require a little bit of technical experience since these are not basic functions within Ubuntu, but most users should not have serious issues with any of these tasks.

Install Windows

Believe it or not, there’s absolutely no reason that users can not have both Linux and Windows installed on the same computer system. Using a dual OS makes sense because it makes you instantly 100% compatible with almost any software application under the sun, plus it allows you to take advantage of each operating system’s strengths without having to deal with their shortcomings.

To install Windows on a computer running Linux, there must be at least 5-10 GB of available space on the hard drive. Realistically, you should probably set aside at least 50 GB total so that you can have enough room for all of the Windows-only programs that you may want to use. Once everything is set up and working, you’d simply click the Windows drive and launch Expekt Poker…there’s nothing else to do when using this method.

Installing a Second Hard Drive

Instead of taking the chance of accidentally deleting something important, why not just go purchase a second hard drive and install it with Windows? Both drives would be accessible and you could switch back and forth whenever you needed to, and this method also adds a second layer of security since the Windows drive can stay masked from internet traffic.

Using a Remote Desktop

If you do not want to go through the hassle of reformatting your hard drive and installing Windows, you could also take advantage of another system within your home that has Windows installed. Once both systems are linked together over the internet, you can launch Expekt Casino from the Linux computer by accessing the remote desktop. This is especially helpful on Linux-based laptops and iPads since it does not require taking up additional memory and storage space.

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