Expekt Live Betting Review

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There have been countless stories around the internet about corrupt website owners putting together some type of cyber-scam to cheat people out of money. As consumers, we see it almost every single day while we’re online; get rich quick schemes, electronic prices that are literally too good to be true, fake emails saying someone wants to give us money…the list of con artists out there and things they do to try and steal from consumers is almost endless.

Online Sportsbooks in the 1990′s

When Expekt decided to launch one of the world’s first online sports betting services over a decade ago, they realized that it would be a difficult task to be able to stand above the competition. There were already a few reputable sportsbook websites that had already been around for a year or two, but the ones that Expekt was really worried about were the hundreds of sites out there that were designed to hustle people out of money. There were many tactics used to cheat honest consumers out of their hard-earned dollars and most of them appeared perfectly legitimate on the surface. Most of the time the scam wasn’t even realized until the player tried to withdraw his winnings; these types of criminals made it very difficult for any online sportsbook to succeed.

The most common tactic used by less reputable companies was to force betters to place consecutive wagers over and over again before they were able to cash out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that eventually these establishments would end up with all of the player’s money…and these were the ones that were considered legitimate. Other companies would not pay out to a player regardless of what they bet or how lopsided the odds were, but back in the late 90′s there was little law enforcement on the internet.

For example, let’s say that a customer in Sweden placed a bet at an online sportsbook in the Bahamas. The person’s bank may well be in Sweden so you’d think that’s where you’d report foul play at, but the actual crime happened on the other side of the world. To make matters worse, the credit card is probably backed by a company in the United States and the online transfer service may be in Australia. One simple crime involving a person on a small island suddenly involves five different continents and none of them want anything to do with it in the first place.

How Expekt Live Betting Changed the Game

Expekt already knew that they had the most comprehensive sports betting system that the world had ever seen, but their early key to victory was finding a way to rise above all of the questionable gaming websites in order to prove that their casino was completely legitimate. In fact, they had to go even further than that…and their initial efforts literally changed the industry.

Their first step in building such a brand started at the financial institutions around the world, because there was no sense in investing billions of dollars into state of the art

technology if various laws and regulations were going to make deposits and withdrawals difficult. Expekt was one of the first casinos to ever seek out a partnership with online financial institutions and money transfer sites; up until then nobody had genuinely realized their value when it came to competitive online gaming.

Once that was in place, Expekt Sportsbook focused on revolutionizing how their clients would view sports betting. Instead of just having their customers pick which team they thought would win, all of a sudden there were dozens of individual bets on every sporting match around the world. Players could wager on who the most valuable player would be, how high the score would be at halftime, which individual would score the most points, and about anything else you could possibly think of. All of a sudden, gambling at Expekt was no longer limited to serious gamblers that spent hours studying various stats; anyone could come in and place a friendly wager while still having an excellent chance of winning.

The move that really brought it all together for Expekt Sportsbook was their live betting system that worked in real time. Customers could visit the Expekt website and immediately immerse themselves in hundreds of different types of bets on match-ups from around the world, and then they could watch the competition that they bet on straight from the Expekt website. No other sports betting service had ever even contemplated a system this advanced in quality and service, which is why Expekt Casino still has millions of weekly visitors.

The Future of Expekt Live Betting

Expekt Casino is constantly under expansion to ensure that the same quality that made them a household name back in the 1990′s still holds true today. Most people probably could not even comprehend how much behind-the-scenes work goes into keeping a virtual casino 100% secure twenty-four hours a day, which is why they have grown to over 200 full time staff members in recent years.

With innovation comes many exciting new games, which is why you can also log into Expekt’s live dealer casino and play blackjack, roulette, or baccarat inside a real casino over a webcam. There are hundreds of other types of instant games there as well, with an entire new casino interface due to launch later this year. Expekt Sportsbook and Casino has consistently remained one of the best places in the world to wager for real money over the past decade, so be sure to give them a try and see what online gambling is really all about.

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