What Makes A Good Poker Player?

The prevailing wisdom is that poker players are born, not made. After all, isn’t it vitally important for a poker player to be able to read players intuitively? Can we really expect to be able to teach people intuition? As a player who is not naturally intuitive but has become a very good hand reader, I can tell you that this is patently false. It is far more important to read hands well, being able to logically deduce your opponent’s hand, than it is to be able to read your opponent or spot tells. In fact, when playing online, physical tells are not important.

The ability to think thoroughly about the game of poker is very important to becoming a good poker player. Good poker players never settle for “just because” answers, always asking why, and if no answer is given, figuring it out for themselves. O the other hand, good poker players are not afraid to ask for help from more experienced players, even purchasing coaching. Most successful poker players have a coach who is at the lace that they want to be in their own poker game.

Discipline and self control are vital talents for a poker player, since tilt has burned more bankrolls than it has built. Professional poker players rarely, if ever, tilt, and they spend most of their time playing their bet game. Being able to do this will put you at the top of your stake level, which will let you move up and progress continuously as your skills improve.

Good players like to read, which is important, because it requires a lot of reading to follow even one of the various forums available online on the topic of the game you want to get good at. Since reading forums is a very important part of learning how go play poker, successful poker players read and follow other players who are more successful than they are on forums.

Being a good poker player is less about being born intuitive and more about finding the Time and willpower to improve your game through rigorous study and research.

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