Any time you make a decision that isn’t the best decision you can make, you’ve experienced tilt of some kind. Tilt is pervasive, and we can only eliminate it by recognizing the many different kinds of tilt. Our goal is to spend more time playing A-game poker and less time playing C-game poker. This might even mean quitting a weak opponent if we are playing in a C-game mindset. “Fish” and “Shark” are best used to describe people playing their C-game and people playing their A-game, so don’t be a fish playing your C-game against even a weak player on their A-game!

There are tons of different kinds of tilt. Here are just a few: Steaming tilt, Simmering tilt, Too-loose tilt, Too-tight tilt, Too-aggressive tilt, Too-passive tilt, Playing-too-high tilt, Playing-too-long tilt, Playing-too-tired tilt, Entitlement tilt, Annoyed tilt, Injustice tilt, Frustration tilt, Sloppy tilt, Revenge tilt, Underfunded tilt, Overfunded tilt, Shame tilt, Distracted tilt, Scared tilt, Envy tilt, I-gotta-get-even tilt…

What is tilt, then? It’s anything that makes us move away from our best poker game. When we define tilt like this, we realize that everyone tilts. It’s just a question of how often and for how long! We can designate between two distinct kinds of tilt. Hard tilt is stack-punting, emotionally-charged, tilt. Soft tilt is much harder to notice. Two good examples of soft tilt are fatigue and distraction.

There are three main causes of tilt: Winning, Losing, and Breaking even. Be aware that any of them can cause you to tilt.

There’s another kind of tilt that we have to be careful of. Finger tilt is when a message on its way to your fingers gets ambushed by emotion, distraction, or fatigue. For example, misclicking on accident is finger tilt, as is clicking a button before thinking through a decision.

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