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Finding a reliable poker room is important to getting a fair game. Fortunately, online poker is far less corrupt than many fly by night online casinos, with sites that have operated, and paid players cash outs, for many years. The secret to finding an online poker site that is reputable is to look at the certifying or regulating agency offering the site’s license.

Kahnawake offers the majority of online poker licenses, and any site licensed by Kahnawake is certified to be safe, fair, and have a truly random shuffle. When sites are accused of rigging games, like UltimateBet was in 2006, Kahnawake steps in and investigates on behalf of the players on the site. In the past, Kahnawake has ruled on scandals and released the names of cheaters, but never prosecuted them. This is likely due to the grey nature of online poker and the sovereignty of the Kahnawake tribe. It is unclear whether the United States courts have jurisdiction over crimes occurring in online poker.

Other certifying agencies are based in the Isle of Man or Antigua. Both of these governments require similar requirements of casinos based in their municipalities, including fair shuffles and prompt payouts.

Finding a reliable site is often as simple as visiting an online poker forum like TwoPlusTwo and searching for the site’s name. If players often mention it as delaying cash outs or being highly suspect, then one should be wary of depositing money at this network. If many players play without complaint, it is likely that there has never been an incidence of the site abusing players. Sites that do find themselves skirting the grey area of online poker are often shunned publicly and go out of business. Many sites even have representatives available to answer any questions you may have about game fairness or cash out policies.

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