Expekt Online Slots Review

* Use Code “EXPMONEY” (visit www.Expekt.com) to benefit from the deposit bonus offered at Expekt. Poker players will receive a 200% bonus of up to $2000 ; and casino players should expect a 100% bonus up to 200€. For Sports Betting, promotions typically come in the form of bonuses or free bets, so please refer to the Expekt.com website for conditions specific to your demographic.

If you looking for huge progressive jackpots and lightning-fast play that rival some of the top casinos in the world, then there’s only one website that you should even consider playing at. Expekt Slots is the only virtual gaming destination in the world that consistently pay out jackpots in the six and seven figure range…that’s more than most casinos pay out in an entire year. In fact, Expekt Casino is so far ahead of their competitors in terms of security, gaming selection and customer service that most of their customers wouldn’t even consider playing anywhere else.

Now that you know exactly where you should be when it comes to great slot machine payouts, there are probably still a series of questions you have about Expekt Slots and setting up an account there. This guide will walk you through the setup procedure and tell you how to get a 100% bonus on your very first deposit.

What kind of person gambles at Expekt Slots?

It would probably be easier to tell you who doesn’t gamble there, because Expekt’s clientele range from college students and everyday workers to college professors and retirees. The reason that Expekt appeals to such a diverse group of gamblers is because it was built with only the customer in mind from day one; every moment you spend on their website was carefully planned to ensure that you have a high quality casino experience.

Do all of those players at Expekt Slots hurt my chances of winning?

Believe it or not, all of those customers actually make it easier for you to walk away a winner. To understand this logic you really need to understand how slot machines work; each one is preset to pay out a certain number of combinations. The frequency each machine produces a winner is set by the amount of money coming into all of the machines combined. So essentially the more others bet the more money there is to win.

A large number of players have an even bigger effect for slots players at Expekt though because that means that the jackpots are paid out much more frequently. Would you rather play on a slot machine that produces one jackpot winner per month or another machine that pays off a huge jackpot once per day?

How do I collect my money if I win a slots jackpot at Expekt Casino?

It’s just like winning on any other spin; the money will appear in your account automatically within seconds. Afterwards you’re free to withdraw it and do whatever you want with the money; at Expekt it’s completely up to you.

Does the amount I bet increase my chances of winning?

The honest answer would be yes and no. Some slot machines at Expekt have a bonus payout for anyone who bets the maximum amount per spin, but most of them pay out at identical odds. The big reason to play the maximum per spin is so that you’re eligible for the progressive jackpot. Trust us; you don’t want to be the person who thought they won millions…only to find out that you did not properly read the rules and regulations.

What do players mean by “hot” and “cold” machines?

They are referring to how much each of them pay out overall, but it is important to realize that most of this is usually based on opinions and luck. Every single slot machine at Expekt Casino is set to pay out over 98% of any money it takes in. That doesn’t mean that if a particular machine pays out three times in a row it is luckier than the one right next to it…the overall odds are based on billions of spins.

Another reason a player would say that a slot machine at Expekt is “hot” is because the conditions have been met for it to pay out the jackpot. Many of the games have certain requirements before the jackpot money is paid and smart players will study each machine to gauge how long it will be before there is another huge winner. For example, one of the classic slot machines will pay out the jackpot every 8th time that a player spins 777, and the information on how many times that combo has already appeared is displayed for everyone to view. Once someone hits the jackpot, the slot machine starts over again.

When is the best time to start playing slots at Expekt Casino?

In all honesty there is never a bad time because the jackpots roll over so quickly, but right now is a particularly good time since two of the jackpots are approaching record-breaking numbers for any online payout in the history of the internet. Within the next few days someone will literally become an instant millionaire…. it might as well be you.

How do I get started at the Expekt Slots?

All you have to do is register for an account, select a deposit method, enter the promo code “EXPMONEY” to receive out 100% match bonus, and download the Expekt Casino software. Once your deposit clears, you’ll be ready to become Expekt’s next online milionaire!

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