Expekt Mac / iPod and iPad Compatibility

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Expekt Casino has recently mentioned that they are in the process of designing Mac friendly software for their various casino, poker, and sportsbook games. That doesn’t really do the players any favors that currently seek high quality gaming from their iPods or iPads, but there are a number of workarounds available that will get you back in the game in only a few minutes. This article will discuss the various methods available on Macintosh products.

Expekt on Mac Home Computers

On any Macintosh home computer system, you should be able to log straight into the Expekt Casino for sports betting, live dealer games, or bingo. Each of these run off of an internet browser so to there will not be any issues. As far as the actual casino or poker room go, you’ll have to use a workaround.

Install Windows

Perhaps the easiest method is to simply install any version of Windows on a small part of the hard drive. The partition itself does not have to be extremely large since it would only be used to launch PC content. Users can also visit a computer repair store to purchase an older hard drive with 10-50 GB’s of space available so that they have Windows and OS on separate drives, but the decision is completely up to you.

Download a Simulator/Emulator

There are many programs available on the internet that can serve as a virtual Windows drive. Without getting too technical, these software solutions serve as a go-between so that the Mac OS can figure out how to handle Windows software titles. The installation procedures vary by title and some of them can be rather complex for the novice user.

Network to a Windows Server

For those comfortable with an online network, there is a third option available. If you have a separate computer with Windows loaded onto it, you can use the remote access feature to use that system through your Mac. Simply download Expekt Casino or Expekt Poker to the Windows system and then connect to it remotely; from there you can launch Expekt on your Mac without any problems. This eliminates the need for downloading any additional software as well.

Expekt on iPad Computers

Each of the above methods we mentioned for a Mac computer will work flawlessly on an iPad as well. Depending on the hard drive space available, most would be better off installing Windows 7 since initial tests show that it actually runs faster on an iPad than

the Mac OS software. The emulator and remote desktop methods are both perfectly valid as well though and may be a better fit for systems that do not have plenty of excess space.

Expekt on the iPod/iPhone

Apple’s handheld devices offer the most problems for users who wish to access Expekt Casino because there simply is not enough available space and functionality to use any of the previously listed methods. There are a few solid options available though that most users can accomplish without too much trouble, but at the same time it is not for those without a little bit of tech know-how. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing then you would be much better off visiting a local computer store and have them complete the process for you.

Remote Desktop through Apps

Since neither device has remote viewing available, users will have to download an Apple application (such as “log me in”) in order to use this process. Most of these software titles will have to be installed on the iPhone/iPad as well as your main computer system, and from there you can connect the two devices seamlessly. There are many apps available that can complete this process so be sure to pay attention to the prices.


If you do not feel like messing with networking to your main computer system, then modifying your iPhone/iPod may be your best bet. Like we said earlier, this is a permanent change to the boot files that could potentially render your device unusable if the proper steps are not followed, so definitely proceed with caution and seek a professional if you’re unsure. Also remember that jailbreaking your device will likely void the warranty, so if you’re rough on your tech toys then you’d better use an app instead to access Expekt.

Now that we’re past the scary stuff, here’s why you should consider jailbreaking your iPhone. Besides being able to access Expekt Poker and Expekt Casino, your iPhone/iPod will be able to run any Windows or Mac application…including must-have internet programs like Java and Flash. That means you’ll be able to access any website, download tons of completely free apps, and say goodbye to that darn Apple App store that overcharges for everything. You’ll also be able to play all of the Expekt Casino instant games directly from your browser as well as watch live sporting matches in their sportsbook section.

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