Expekt Loyalty Program Review

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The world of online gaming has become so competitive over the past decade that there is really little difference between the top casinos. Sure, one may have a unique brand of slot machines while another has a slightly higher approval rate with credit cards, but overall they’re all just about identical when it comes to gambling. Right now there’s no less than forty online casinos out there that can deliver you excellent gaming, fair odds, great security, and a wide amount of deposit and withdrawal options.

So what makes Expekt any different from the others we just mentioned? There’s actually a few things that really stand out. Their customer service is among the best you’ll find on any website, which means that whenever a problem arises your complaint will be handled by a compassionate professional whose only job is to make you happy. While this is certainly a great benefit that few online casinos can offer, there are a couple of them out there that have very solid customer service just like Expekt.

The real reason you should be placing wagers at Expekt Casino is their customer loyalty program. At face value it may appear to be just like what every other website offers with several VIP levels and multiple reward options, but a closer look reveals that what Expekt started for their customers has never been done before at any casino. In fact, it is entirely possible for the top tier VIPs at Expekt Casino to make €2,000 or more every month without even making a single deposit, and that’s not even including some of the exclusive freeroll tournaments that pay a combined €130,000 just to their top customers every month. Here’s a rundown of how Expekt’s VIP Loyalty Program works-

Expekt Poker Loyalty Bonuses

When players create an account at Expekt Poker, they essentially start out as a level one pawn. You’re really not receiving anything in terms of loyalty status besides getting to play in one of the most modern online poker rooms in the world, but each raked hand or tournament does earn you points towards advancing towards the next level.

Once a player accumulates 600 total loyalty points, they advance to knight status. Points accumulate 20% faster at this level and players have exclusive access to Expekt’s online merchandise store. Inside you’ll find everything from designer jewelry to cutting edge electronics, but you can also use your reward points to exchange for cash. In all honesty though, it’s definitely not time for you to make any purchases just yet.

The level three VIP level is called Bishop and it increases rewards points up another 20% (to 140% of the level 1 total). Not only do you accumulate reward points faster, but the cash exchange rates also grow at each VIP level. At level 2 it would have cost you 200 points to earn $1; level three only requires 175. As you can see, there’s a pattern forming here.

At levels 4and 5 (Rook and Queen) you’re earning rewards points at almost double the speed and it takes much less to trade in for some serious cash. In fact, the Queen level

VIP’s are allowed to exchange their reward points for up to $250 per month…which would easily cover many gambler’s monthly deposits. Once a player reaches a VIP level they remain there for good, so by playing at Expekt Casino for just a couple of months you could literally earn free money for life (as long as you continue to play and accumulate reward points each month).

If that’s one of your ultimate goals at Expekt Poker, however, then you’re far better off saving those reward points for when you reach King status. The top tier VIP level actually has seven tiers of its own and it is calculated on how many months total you play a qualified number of hands. The cash bonuses are anywhere from $750 to a whopping $140,000, with the number of reward points needed to earn $1 dropping each step of the way.

Now remember, you’ll never go down in status level like you would on other websites, so if you take six months off then there is no penalty involved. You’d be almost crazy to do so though, because Expekt Casino is going to be entering you into weekly cash tournaments that pay better than anything you’ll find on the internet. Winning just one of them could place $20,000 or more into your bank account…and all of these benefits are completely free for loyal players.

Expekt Casino loyalty Rewards

Expekt’s Casino Loyalty Rewards Program is currently being reconstructed to fall in line with the poker incentives. While there is no official word on when this VIP program will be released, the latest updates will be posted here as Expekt releases information to the media and their affiliates. In the meantime, don’t forget to use our exclusive promotional code “EXPMONEY” for your next deposit.

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