Expekt Live Dealer Casino Review

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A lot of people have been excited for quite a long time when they first heard that Expekt was preparing to launch a live dealer casino, and before long there were thousands of questions floating around the internet as to how such a service could even exist in the first place. This article will answer each of those questions and provide an in-depth look at Expekt’s new live dealer casino.

What is a live dealer casino?

The term “live dealer” refers to an actual person who regulates the game inside the casino. For games like blackjack and poker, for example, this would be the person dealing out the cards and calling the hand values. In other words, a live dealer table is what you’d experience inside a traditional casino that had licensed employees at each table.

How does a live dealer table work online?

It works exactly the same as in a traditional casino….because the action takes place inside an actual real-life casino. The only difference is that since you’re not physically able to be sitting at the table and placing wagers, you watch all of the action over a webcam and communicate with the dealer through your microphone and computer speakers.

Why should I bet at a live dealer table over a regular one?

Besides the added convenience that it gives to players, Expekt’s main goal when launching live dealer tables was to show everyone who ever had a doubt about gambling online that it was completely 100% legitimate. The cards are shuffled right in front of the players and they are dealt out in real time for everyone to see. This format also makes online gambling much more exciting because there’s always something happening on your computer screen.

How do players bet at a live dealer table online?

It’s the exact same as if you were inside a traditional casino, except that your chips are handled electronically like at the video tables. The dealer doesn’t actually handle any money or pay out bets; all of that is handled by the computer software. If you want to bet €10, for example, then you simply drag that much into the betting window. As you can imagine, freeing the dealer from having to pay each player also makes the games go much quicker.

What live dealer games are available?

Currently Expekt Casino has blackjack, baccarat, and roulette available for live dealer play but they are already in the process of adding dozens of other games as well.

Do the casinos watch me through a webcam as well?

No; there’s no pit bosses or security experts watching your every move, so you’re free to bet however you want or even to keep notes. While Expekt Casino has never actually come out and said that they welcome players who count cards, they have not said anything against it either.

What kind of experience should I expect at an online live dealer table?

It’s basically just like going to one of the casinos in your local area, except that you’re still sitting inside your living room. To help you imagine what the action is like a little better though, let’s take you through an actual hand of blackjack at the website. This testimony was written by a recent player that cleared just over €400 on his first night ever playing at the Expekt live dealer tables.

I logged into the Expekt Live Dealer casino and was met face to face by a beautiful young woman named Helga. She greeted me by my username and thanked me for joining her table even though she was in the process of dealing out the card to other players. I couldn’t see them, of course, since they were also playing on their computers, but I had a clear view of the blackjack table, Helga, and the rest of the casino in the background. Heck, I even saw a girl walk by with a tray of drinks in her hands…I thought that was pretty neat. My first impression was that I had literally entered through the doors of a big-name casino downtown…except I was still sitting in my office at work.

Anyway, after Helga finished dealing the hand to everyone else she asked me if I wanted to place a wager. I put out €10 just as she started dealing the hand, and I saw both on the webcam and on a digitized display below it that I received a six and a five. Helga then told me that I had eleven and asked if I wanted to hit or double down. Even though she was showing a seven I decided to try my luck with the double down, and Helga said, “Risky bet but I hope it pays off. Good luck!” She then flipped over a nine on my cards and smiled….I think she was flirting with me.

Once everyone else decided to hit or stand, Helga then revealed another 7 as her hole card for a total of 14. Her forced hit delivered a 10 (for a total of 24) and she smiled again in the camera as she said, “Nice, everyone wins.” She really seemed to be on our side as the game continued and it made me feel like I was inside an actual casino….I really can’t get over how quickly I forgot that I was inside my office at work. It was definitely a great experience from start to finish.

How do I start playing Expekt’s Live Dealer games?

It’s really easy; just create an account on their website and fill out all of the information to make your first deposit. Don’t forget to enter our special expekt referrer code “EXPMONEY” that will get you a 100% bonus on any deposit for up to 200 euros, and once your payment is processed then you’re ready to play. Just click on the “live casino” option, pick your game and you’re ready to go.

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