Expekt Online Blackjack Review

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It seems like in today’s age it is truly difficult to find a fair blackjack game. Almost all of us know that the house has an overall advantage of just over 1% under the standard rules, but intelligent players can easily tip the odds well into their favor. The problem is…casinos refuse to allow intelligent players to even enter their casino doors anymore.

Online blackjack in most casinos has the same 1% advantage, but the computer is programmed to play with one deck that is shuffled after every hand. That doesn’t do any good for the card counters in this instance either because there’s literally nothing to count. There are some programs out there that are supposed to play with four or even six decks, but since there is no way to know how accurate this is or when the cards are shuffled it is tough to count on.

Expekt online blackjack is literally breaking the mold of casinos that ban skilled players by offering a brand new format to the internet. It is called live dealer blackjack, and players are taken straight to a real life casino through their internet connection and a series of webcams. As the cards are dealt out the player has full view of all the action around him from when the 6 deck shoe is shuffled to what cards the other players receive. Here are five reasons that you should be playing at Expekt’s live dealer blackjack tables instead of at traditional casinos-

1) Expekt Live Dealer Blackjack is Truly the Best of Both Worlds

Blackjack players around the world are essentially looking for three things at a blackjack table; a high number of decks, no random shuffles, and a pit boss that will let you play however you want. Nowadays there are less than a dozen or so places worldwide where these benefits are extended to professional blackjack players and there’s only one that you can play at from home.

Imagine having all of the traditional blackjack betting rules in place without any of the common limitations. No high tech security looking over your shoulder, no security team logging each of your bets against the current card count, and no permanent bans just because you won some money while playing legally.

2) Expekt Live Dealer Blackjack is A Card Counter’s Paradise

I personally use the Hi/Lo counting method plus I count the aces individually. Of course, I am certainly not a blackjack expert and I often confuse the hard count inside casinos, often to the point where I am betting higher amounts way too quickly. You know as well as I do that one slip up could easily cost €200 or more in just a few hands…and that’s when you can find a place that will let you count cards to begin with.

When playing at Expekt Live Dealer Blackjack, I sit with a spreadsheet in front of me to help keep track of additional statistics. I also use a much more advanced method of card counting that tracks the 4′s, 5′s and 6′s plus all of the aces and tens, so by the time that we’re 3 decks deep I know for sure where my betting patterns need to be. There have been some nights, in fact, that I was almost sure that I was going to be asked to leave…but they thanked me and told me to come back soon. You will not find another casino worldwide that actually allows players to have a consistent advantage over the house.

3) Expekt Live Dealers Make it Worth the Trip Alone

Okay, so maybe a young, attractive dealer is not an incentive to play poker at one particular casino, but the girls dealing blackjack at Expekt are all so gorgeous that I think you’ll have to agree with me. Even better, they are actually trained to help betters and they will flat out tell you if you should hit, double down, or stand in any given situation. Of course, a large portion of their salary comes from tips (just like inside traditional casinos) so it’s always in their best interests if you’re consistently winning, but I’ve never seen a blackjack table where the staff is so friendly and willing to help.

4) Expekt Live Dealer Comps

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Comps…in an online casino? What could they possibly give me?” The answer to that may surprise you, because as you move up through their ranking system a number of exclusive benefits will become available to you. How would you like a free trip halfway around the globe to play in a €200,000 blackjack tournament with all expenses paid?

That and more can be your reward for gambling at Expekt Live Dealer Casino; but if you’d prefer, there’s always completely free cash available instead of taking the prizes. Expekt has the best VIP program in the business and it alone makes it worth playing there.

5) Traditional Video Blackjack

If staring at beautiful young women at a fast paced blackjack table isn’t really your thing, then you’ll be happy to know that Expekt Casino also has several variations of video blackjack available as well. Each table is certified by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to play under the table specifications, and the payouts are among the best you’ll find anywhere. In fact, Expekt has more side bets at their video and live dealer tables than every other casino combined…and that’s really saying something.

6) Addtional Information: OnlineBlackjackForMoney.org

www.OnlineBlackjackForMoney.org is a new site that has interesting articles about the game of 21, including this thorough article on the history of blackjack.

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