What Casinos Have Best Customer Service ?

The quality of a business’s customer service is one of the biggest factors in making the business successful.  One of the mantras of the business world is that the way in which a customer’s complaint is resolved will either ensure that the customer never uses that business again or that the customer is a lifelong fan.  The same idea is true for online casinos.  Casinos are high pressure environments where people can lose or win tremendous amounts of money.  When a gambler runs into a problem, s/he wants the issue addressed and fixed immediately. The top casinos with the best customer service teams all have factors in common.  They provide immediate service, multiple methods of contact, and work to resolve problems.

Immediate Service

We’ve all fallen for the “email us and we’ll get back to you” routine.  Most of us learned very quickly that, while an efficient and caring customer service team will try to answer emails quickly, a phone call or live chat is a better way of getting a quick answer.  It’s far harder to put off answering a question when the person is in direct contact. Look for a casino that has at least one method of getting an immediate response.  Most reputable casinos offer both live chat and a phone number.

Multiple Ways to Contact the Service Team

Any quality casino will offer several ways to contact the customer service team.  This is logical; if you need an answer immediately, but the only immediate method for getting in touch with customer service is through a phone call, it stands to reason that other gamblers will have thought the same way.  You may be stuck on the phone for a very long time.  However, if the casino also offers live chat, fax, email, or a voicemail service, you have better odds of actually reaching an agent. CasinoTitan.com offers a number of ways to contact their customer service department, including three phone numbers (for different geographical regions), email, live chat, and fax.  This wide variety of contact methods makes it very easy to get to an actual human being who can help with your questions.

Dispute Resolution

If the gambler still feels wronged, a good casino will help find a way of mediating the dispute.  Many casinos are part of groups that maintain third party dispute resolution teams to help in these situations.  The dispute resolution teams are not working for the casino, so they can remain neutral.  In order to maintain membership in the group, the casino is required to abide by the team’s decision, even if it is not in the casino’s favor.

One such team is the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).  Bet365.com works with IBAS in order to provide gamblers with a fair mediation service.  Bet365.com also offers their own excellent customer service department.

Any good casino will offer an equally good customer service department.  Look for a casino that offer several methods of contact and provides at least one way of getting in immediate touch with a representative.  After all, you are the casino’s business; they should put effort into ensuring your satisfaction.

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