Online Casinos That Take Prepaid And Debit Cards 2017

After the American FBI’s highly visible bust and shutdown of several major poker sites for fraudulent banking activities, many poker sites have stopped allowing or have tightened restrictions on credit card deposits. While these new, stricter policies are an understandable reaction to the FBI’s actions, as no poker site wishes to make itself the next target, this places players in a difficult situation. Most online commerce relies on either credit cards or eWallets, so banning or limiting credit cards makes depositing into online casino accounts difficult.

Fortunately, there are still several casinos that allow credit card deposits to continue more or less uninterrupted. Please note that, due to the highly volatile and changeable nature of the online gambling community, these sites may alter their terms and agreements with little warning. If you discover a change, please contact us so that we may update our records.
Note that you may have different results with different types of credit card. MasterCard seems to have the lowest acceptance rate at online casinos, with most attempts to deposit money ending in bounces. Visa and International Visa Gift Cards tend to do better for the moment.
Casino Titan is one of the largest and most reputable online casinos still accepting American money. The casino offers excellent incentives and bonuses, including a 400% bonus coupon and a $3000 signup bonus. Casino Titan also offers ongoing cash back, additional Sunday and Happy Hour incentives, and rotating weekly bonuses.
Casino Titan’s deposit program accepts Visa and MasterCard, meaning that you can try all three options (MasterCard, Visa, and International Visa Gift Cards) to see what works.

Win Palace
Win Palace, in addition to accommodating American players, is one of the best casinos for instant play games. The casino offers the option to download software or play in your browser, making Win Casino optimal for people gambling on public computers or computers where downloading the gambling software is not an option.
In addition to the convenience of instant play software, Win Casino also offers great signup incentives. The casino offers a 200% incentive bonus on the first and second casino deposits. The casino also offers ongoing incentives for video poker, blackjack, and slots.
Rome Casino is one of the few sites still actively and publicly catering to American players. In addition to the obvious bonus of allowing American business, Rome Casino has fantastic bonus incentives, including a series of incremental bonuses for your first 10 deposits. The lowest percentage of those bonuses is a 100% match, making this a lucrative incentive.
Rome Casino also grants 25% cash back on your initial deposit and provides both weekend and weekday match incentives.

While annoying, the FBI’s interference in online gambling will probably not be a permanent situation. As with all “vices,” the American government will legalize and encourage online gambling just as soon as they can figure out how to tax it. In the meantime, there are still plenty of excellent casinos to choose from.

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