Are There Any Safe Online Casinos in 2017 ?

No gambler wants to give money to a dishonest casino or to a casino that will be careless with financial information. However, what makes a casino “safe” or unsafe? The safest and most reputable casinos in the online gambling community all have two factors in common: the casino is trustworthy and secure. To determine is a casino is worth your time and money, use the guidelines in this article to evaluate the casino’s level of dependability. Below are safest casino sites of 2012.

1. Can you trust the casino ?

A reputable casino will be affiliated with at least one gambling group or gambling authority and will have the information posted on the casino’s homepage. This is very important — a gambling authority helps make sure the casino is up to standard and is honest. Gambling authorities are often affiliated with the government of the country the casino operates from, meaning that the gambling authorities have a good degree of control over members of the group. If a gambler has a complaint of fraud, the gambling authority can step in on the gambler’s behalf.

Some casinos choose to affiliate themselves with extra gambling associations, providing gamblers with more layers of protection., for example, is a part of the UK Gambling Commission, the gambling commission of the Government of Gibraltar, and the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). While the first two authorities are government-based, the third association is a third party gambling dispute resolution service. This means that IBAS is not owned by a casino and owes nothing to the casinos; IBAS exists to mediate disputes between casinos and gamblers. In order to remain in the IBAS, casinos must abide by IBAS’s decisions, whether or not the decision is in the casino’s favor. This gives the gambler extra protection in the event of a questionable bet decision.

2. Can you deposit and cash out safely?

This is usually a gambler’s first set of concerns. Will the casino steal my credit card numbers? Will the casino’s security system allow hackers to steal my credit card numbers? What happens if I do find fraudulent charges on my account? Will I be able to claim my winnings?

The easiest way to avoid these problems is to be extremely picky about how you make deposits and to pay close attention to how a casino expects you to pay. If a casino is truly concerned about providing you with a secure transaction, they will provide as many secure options as possible. However, if the casino asks you for bank information or account information, that is a very bad sign. Even if the casino is honest, you do not want that information floating around on the internet.

A good casino should provide several credit or debit card options as well as a few forms of eWallet. These should be brands you have heard of, for the most part. It does not matter how many “major” cards or “safe” eWallets a casino offers if you do not trust the deposit option enough to utilize it. You should see most of the standard international names – Neteller, Click2Pay, Ukash, Visa, MasterCard. Some casinos, especially casinos who are targeting certain geographic regions, may also include local banks or eWallets.

Casinos like Expekt ( and Rome Casino ( are good examples of casinos who prize online financial security. Both provide the option to use a variety of major credit cards and eWallets to deposit money. Rome Casino is a North American-focused site, meaning that it covers the standard eWallets and credit cards but does not have any of the more unusual regional banking services. However, the site does accept American players, making Rome Casino a good option for Americans who want a secure, safe casino. caters to the international community. The casino offers the standard eWallets, credit cards, and debit cards, but also offers a selection of European-focused banks and eWallets.

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