North American Poker Sites

Since April of 2012, American players have wondered where they can go to play online poker again. Though the government seized the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker domains, forcing them to ban American players, there are still several poker sites open for American players, including BoDog and Cake Poker.

BoDog is one of the oldest online poker sites, and though the federal government as tried, due to the policies and practice of the management, it remains open to Americans for online poker, online casino games, and sports betting. BoDog is offering new promotions to encourage Americans to switch to their network over their competitor, Cake Poker, including deposit bonuses, frequent reload bonuses, and rake back. Be aware that BoDog does not let rake back sites publish the percentage of rake back they can offer, but it is often 25% or higher, and you can receive information about getting this special offer by inquiring on the Contact Us page of our website.

Cake Poker and the rest of the sites operating on the Merge network offer real money play to Americans as well. These sites often have extremely loose, extremely bad players. Promotions like bad beat jackpots and frequent reload bonuses encourage users to play loosely in order to maximize the number of hands they play. As any great poker player knows, these opponents are extremely easy to exploit by tight play, and they can be some of the most profitable and easy to beat poker games available on the Internet.

In this writers opinion, the Cake Poker network is looser and more profitable than BoDog, but for players who enjoy sports betting and casino games like blackjack or slots as well as online poker, BoDog is a far better choice.

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